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So, how do we do it?

To touch all young men who are in a disadvantaged state once a quarter and invite them to participate in activities that will become proven didactic tools now and in the future. This will help ensure their stability and success.

Some of the activities Keeping it Real provides are:

  1. Keeping it Real – A two-day event where the ‘basics’ a young man should know will be introduced
  2. College Tour – Keeping it Real representatives will chaperone a group of young men to area colleges to encourage them to reach higher heights and further their education as ‘Knowledge is Power’
  3. Giving – Hosting events such as feeding the less fortunate, especially during the Holidays. This activity would put things in perspective, showing the young men how fortunate they are and that giving back is important.
  4. Career Day – We would ask different unions and area businesses to speak to the young men about opening up the young men’s minds to skills, trades or professions that they could explore in an effort to inspire them to become productive members of society.

Want to share your expertise & time?

We’ve had speakers talk to our men about how to tie a tie, financial planning, college education and so much more. If you would like to share your experience and tools with our young men, we’d love to have you!

Want to help us share our tools with more youth?

Being able to expand our reach to impact more at-risk youth is our ultimate goal. We’d greatly appreciate your help and resources to be able to make a greater impact on our young men!

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